What To Know About Miniature Dachshund Puppies For Sale

When it comes to owning a pet, every family has that breed it prefers. For those who want something unique, then they can try the Miniature dachshund. The dog, also known christened Little Burrow Dog is among the adorable dogs to have. For anyone planning to search for the Miniature dachshund puppies for sale, they are in the right place here.

Though many people keep the bigger dogs, those who have the Miniature should not allow its size to fool them. It is known that the breed is purebred. They are very energetic and love their owners much. Before you get this puppy home, there is some info you need to know.

Originally, these small dogs originated from Germany, and they were used to hunt. Because of their small size, they could fit inside the small burrows where they could hunt rabbits or weasels.

When you have a  smaller dachshund dog, you notice that it has small legs, long backs, a deeper chest, and narrow snouts. That is why you will hear them being called the sausage dogs. They also have a barrel chest, with muscled hindquarters and forequarters. When you look keenly at their front paws, you notice they are arched. This is also true because you see the thick pads and the paws facing straight.

When buying this breed, stay careful. You will never know if you have this breed until it's fully grown. That is why you need to talk to a local breeder to get more info. A grown one will grow to up to  6 inches high and weigh around 11lbs.

What you must know

For anyone looking to buy this small dog, one thing they must understand is that the puppies require more food.  Remember these are growing animals. From the age of 12 weeks, you have to give them food at least four times every day. You need to give them food with some relative frequency and allow them to eat. After 12 weeks, you can now reduce the intake and allow them to eat two times.

One thing you must get right from the breeder is that these puppies, once grown are independent. Though they appear small, they come as natural hunters. Thus, they are independent. They start thinking on their own when still very young. The owner needs to start giving training so that they know and start responding.

A person who loves cuddling dogs is advised to buy this breed. They are known to snuggle and cuddles when allowed. They love attention, and they can follow you wherever you go.

One thing to note is that this breed is easy to look after. They will be going outside and exploring the garden. Thus, you should allow them out but take time to bathe them.

These puppies are stubborn by nature and require training. However, they are smart creatures that learn and follow what they are told.

If you want to buy this breed, you can visit Down Home Dachshunds to choose a puppy to take home. Here, you will get different ones. Talk to the breeder and get more info.

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